Lingam Massage

What  is a Lingam Massage?

The  Lingam Massage consists in touches and techniques much specifics and , which are done alternately in the lingam ( penis) , testicular and perineal region. These stimuli potentiate the sexual energy promoting many sensations of intense pleasure

A Lingam massage is the massage of the sacred male organ. However, the aim of this massage is to release built up sexual tension by channeling the energy within the Lingam. If a professional therapist does this massage correctly, there are quite a number of effects that can be attained.


Some of the most profound benefits include:

Enhanced ejaculatory control

Improved blood circulation to the Lingam

Intense sexual pleasure

Significant alleviation of sexual tension

Enhanced sensitivity

Improved sexual stamina

Curing premature ejaculation

Reduction of pain, stress and depression


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